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TranscriptionsDirect has been working in the visually impaired sector and producing high quality Audio, Braille and large print output for some considerable time - we know what we're talking about, we provide a first-class service and are significantly less expensive than most competitors.

To our customers, this means; access to a fast, accurate and reliable service; an opportunity to reduce costs; the ability to reach more customers or; offer a better service to existing customers. Don't take our word for it, and don't pay more than you need to; Get a free quote and more information. We offer more than 20 different options (not counting font sizes) and are always pleased to advise clients if they need help.

At TranscriptionsDirect, our studio skills give a competitive edge and polished sound to our productions. We only use our own ‘house’ producers and voice artists, all of whom have a radio or television news, or presentation background and to whom delivery is key. 

We do know about Braille; how to format text into Braille and even the really fundamental things, such as understanding the ergonomics that make a Braille document easy or difficult for the end-user to handle. Every Braille document we produce is branded to reflect the corporate image of the commissioning client. Not everyone in the receiving household will necessarily be able to read it, but at least they'll be able to identify where it came from. 

Many people (1 in 10 of the population) have an illness that causes vision impairment or, a specific eye disease (these are often degenerative). They may not yet have registered themselves as blind or partially sighted but do require assistance with something as fundamental as reading. The majority of elderly people also experience severe difficulty with standard print and so would benefit from large print.

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