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Tel: 0844 800 1668 (not always manned)                                                        Mobile: 0780 8810282


For general enquiries please e-mail:

For quotations it would be helpful if a .pdf (preferably unlocked - and as a pdf created from the original document as opposed to a scan of a printed document), or a Word file of the document, is sent as an attachment to the e-mail.

TranscriptionsDirect is an internet based service so you can contact us at the click of a mouse or if you prefer, by telephone. We are always ready to help with advice or answer questions about our service. You don't even need to have an account with us.

Because we are internet based, and undertake work as and when it arrives, we are not generally restricted to normal business hours. We monitor our response e-mail addresses hourly through the working week from 9am - 5pm and again every weekday evening at 9pm. 

This enables us to respond swiftly to requests for quotations, and formatting for quotes accepted normally begins on the day the acceptance of the quote is received.

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