And, may we add just an email away. It couldn't be simpler - or faster.
We have a translation service that many company executives dream about finding.  It’s fast, reliable and competitive. A winning combination!

TranscriptionsDirect produces top quality translation work for clients at a remarkably competitive price. As part of the service we offer (often included in the price) is the typesetting of translated work to look like the English version that it is derived from.

To see an example of English text  translated and then re-typeset by our team, please click the example button. In this case the translated version is Spanish, but we’ll translate into any language.

Our designers even re-lay documents to take into account Cyrillic languages that are right/left reading such as Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and Afghan Pashto and Dari, in essence, laterally inverting the document. Often quite complex and time-consuming, this is a service we do charge for.

Our language translation service is fast, and because we are so well connected with our translators we have even been known to return a translation commissioned at 9:30 by just after noon.

Cost is another factor where we frequently help our clients to mitigate their costs and secure for them excellent value for money. Many of our competitors have a minimum charge for 500 or 1000 words. 

Ours is based upon 100 words, so small documents or short phrases are no longer disproportionately expensive.

Simply email to us an unlocked .PDF (that's to say, one that we can copy the text from), or a Word document and advise what language you require, and we'll return a quote and expected timescale. No obligation.        




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