You need no prior knowledge of Braille, we'll do everything for you; ask the right questions to determine what you need; and offer various options so you can be sure you're ordering the right format.



All Braille is produced in-house, anything from a single self-adhesive Braille label to a complex insurance document - and all points between.

Our Braille technicians have considerable skill and expertise and will fluently write the additional narrative that is sometimes required, to enable the Braille reader to make sense of graphs, charts and so on. 

Our senior technician has almost 18 years experience and was coached by a local Braille-using tutor. The high-end software that is required to produce accurate contracted (or Grade2) Braille is always used and other essentials such the correct layout and producing ergonomically easy-to-handle booklets is a part of the service. 

We even offer a free 'how to guide visually impaired customers' sheet with orders for Braille menus.

There's no need to pay inflated prices to obtain a superb service.

If your special needs budget is limited, your deadline short or your standards exacting then you really should be talking to us.

You don't need a contract for us to produce work for you, regularly, or as a one-off. No job too small. Very few too large!
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