Delivered by professional voice artists - rather than simply  'readers'  our output is voiced according to content, expertly edited and it is most certainly the least expensive you'll have come across



With in excess 20 years experience of producing recordings for visually impaired people we know what we're doing. If we spot mistakes or inconsistencies in the text that we can't resolve, we'll bring them to your attention. We deliver clear concise audio in a variety of different styles; letter, magazine, official, general information and so on.

We subtly amend phrases like 'see over' to (for example) 'more about that in a moment'; we don't mention page references or use other phrases that assume the listener can see the page. Tables, charts and graphs are thoughtfully and accurately expressed in words.

Our senior producer has experience of presenting and producing radio programmes, promos, and reading the news, He has regularly voiced for Marks & Spencer, Barclays Bank, BP, Age UK, Bupa and many others including CCGs, charities, and various local government offices. Information Standard accredited organisations rely on our expertise.

He devised and produced the first ever audio breast self-examination guide for visually impaired women worried about breast cancer, and produced QR:AudioCodes that use real voices - (as opposed to computerised speech) - and which can be automatically updated so that they always deliver the latest information in any given location (leaflets, posters, exhibits, signs and more).
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